Cow country, Panama… and another beach.

Yesterday took me deep into and almost across the Azuero Peninsula, which is in the central part of Panama (where you see Las Tablas, Los Santos on the map below).

The Azuero Peninsula is low and left.
The Azuero Peninsula is low and left.

As I’ve always heard, this is cow country, where people in the countryside make their living by raising cows, and the region definitely lived up to its reputation!

There were cows here…
...there were cows there...
…there were cows there…
…and there were quite a few acacia plants.

The only problem was that I didn’t find any spiders. Or rather I did find spiders, but not the type I was looking for. There were only orb-weaver spiders, which are about as different from my vegetarian spiders as a wolf from a horse! It seems strange why I didn’t find more, since there were a decent number of plants and ants.

What wasn’t strange was running into another beach, which would be expected on a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water (the very definition of a peninsula). After dragging my family around for most of the day, I decided to let them have some fun… and have fun they did, although my daughter might’ve lost her sense of balance.


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